[ardour-users] Some questions about fades

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Mon Jun 18 07:58:06 PDT 2007


actually I experienced a strange behaviour of ardour (2.0.2) concerning
cross fades and default settings (just found no time yet to submit a bug

The default values for cross fades in the menus and those which are
applied differ (here it is full cross fades in the menu, but short cross
fades are applied). If I change the values in the menu and save the
session, the new values are stored in the session file (in the <Options>
section). Once they are stored in the session file everything seems to
work fine.

I hear sometimes another problem with cross-fades: If the earlier region
is above the later region, I hear a click at the end of the cross fade.
This click disappears if the later region is set to be on top of the
earlier. I did not read the list carefully enough to be sure that this
issue has not been discussed yet.

Best regards,


John Emmas wrote:
> Thanks Dragan - you wrote:-
>> look into menu -> windows -> option editor -> layers and fades (or
>> simply press 'ctrl + o'), perhaps it is what you are looking for.
> Sorry - maybe I should have posted my question into the devel forum.
> I'm trying to find out where (an a ".ardour" file) the fade lengths get
> stored.
> I looked again at the appropriate regions in my XML file - but all the
> regions seems to have the following properties:-
> Opaque
> DefaultFadeIn
> DefaultFadeOut
> FadeIn
> FadeOut
> and for the FadeIn & FadeOut there seem to be further properties:-
> default = "yes"
> active = "yes"
> As far as I can tell, all those properties are the same for every
> clip - regardless of the actual fade length and regardless of whether
> the clip is active or not.  Does that make any sense?
> Best regards,
> John

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