[ardour-users] Fwd: [LAU] Ardour: fixing errors in a recorded track (was: DAW usability)

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sun Jun 17 06:58:32 PDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-06-17 at 13:43 +0200, Hein Zelle wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to this list, so apologies if some of these questions have been 
> posted recently.  I posted this to the linux-audio-users list, but 
> figured it would be more topical here.
> I have some
> questions on using ardour, which I've only partially solved after
> reading the manual.  I'd like to hear how people tackle this, step by
> step, possibly including what to click and how.
> Problem 1:  I've just recorded a single track. It's mostly OK, but
> there's a piece where I goofed up, or the microphone got touched and
> crackled, or something similar.

    Punch in/out over the section.  

Select punch in and punch out (top right of editor window)
Place playhead cursor at the punch out location (move cursor and press
Under the Windows menu select Locations
Push the second Set button beside Punch
Move the playhead cursor to the punch in point
Push the first Set button beside Punch
Move the playhead cursor somewhere before the punch in/out section
Enable recording (track and master)
Press play

    Note: I never really figured out how to make multiple punch in/out
points.  I'm not sure if you can.  However, I only ever needed one at a
time anyway so it wasn't a big problem.  One thing that will throw you
is that if you try to redefine the punch in/out points after the first
time Ardour will not allow you to set the punch in point after the punch
out point or the punch out point before the punch in point.  If you want
to place the new punch in/out after the present one you need to set the
punch out point first.  If you want to set it before the present one you
have to set the punch in point first.

> Solution:  record another (partial) take, and copy a piece of the second
> take on top of the first one.  Using crossfades I guess, to hide the
> transitions.
> Questions:
> - should I do this using a new playlist, or should I just record a new
> region on top of the old recording?  Or should I use a completely new
> track?  (I'm guessing not the last option).
> - If I _do_ have the 2 takes in 2 different tracks (both visible below
> eachother),  I want to select a region in the second track, and copy it
> over the first one, keeping the time position the same.  How do I do
> this?  I've read about something like control-click-drag in the manual,
> but I can't get it to work.  Copy-paste works, but positions the
> selection at the beginning of the other track.

Place the edit cursor at the beginning of the place you want to cut
(position cursor and press e)
Cut the section up to the edit cursor
Move cursor into other track
Select Edit->Paste at edit cursor

> - If I record the second take in a new playlist, how do I proceed to do
> this then?
> - And how to do it if I forgot to make a new playlist, and just use
> punch-in recording to re-record a small section?
> Problem 2:
> after recording, I want to either play or export my recording.  Ardour
> doesn't stop at the end of the recording by itself.  At one point, I
> suddenly had an "end" marker where it would stop and return to the
> beginning.  How do I get that marker?  How do I remove it again?

    The end marker is there, probably way out past the end of your
recording.  Zoom out to find it, then slide it back to where you want

> Problem 3:
> export project to audio file.  Sometimes this gives me an empty audio
> file (no signal) of the correct length.  I suspect this has to do with
> selecting tracks before exporting, but I would expect "export project"
> to not care about that.  Any ideas what I may be doing wrong there?

    Yep, select tracks or master left and right.

> Problem 4:
> coupling ardour and rosegarden together for midi accompaniment.  This
> works fine with rosegarden in "slave" mode, I can control
> start/stop/record from either program.  However, they don't copy
> eachothers settings for beats-per-minute and time signature.  Is it
> possible to automatically carry that information over from one program
> to the other?

    Sorry, I don't do MIDI.


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