[ardour-users] Open Session across ethernet

Matthew Polashek matt at tinysongs.com
Thu Jun 14 16:19:45 PDT 2007

Ok, so I have a nice farm of UbuntuStudio boxes at my school and an  
OSX machine that has 2 external firewire drives on which my students  
have recorded copious projects.  (The linux machines came online well  
after the OSX due to a wonderful donation.)

I want to open the Ardour sessions on the FireWire drives from the  
UbuntuStudio boxes.  It's no problem connecting to the OSX machine  
and seeing the Firewire drives.  (I have a little router)  The  
problem is I don't know how to get there from the Ardour open session  
menu. Any suggestions?  Is this a disgustingly bad idea?  Should I  
just copy the sessions over?  Suggestions?

Matthew Polashek
matt at tinysongs.com

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