[ardour-users] generating (and testing?) Ardour XML

Christopher Bailey chris at music.columbia.edu
Thu Jun 14 09:28:37 PDT 2007

Duude!   That totally fixed it!  Thanks!

C Bailey

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Carlos J. Muentes wrote:

> I'm not super familiar with Ardour's XML parser, but I believe XML is
> case-sensitive, so 'Diskstreams' and 'DiskStreams' are different values.
> On 6/14/07, Christopher Bailey <chris at music.columbia.edu> wrote:
>> This will probably be a fruitless question, but does anyone see any 
>> issues
>> with this Ardour xml found below?  It doesn't load .. .the only error 
>> I've
>> been able to squeeze out of the system is "no DiskStreams section", 
>> which
>> isn't the case.
>> Perhaps a useful question is:  any advice on how to systematically test
>> this?  I'm  starting with 1 soundfile, but there's already so much
>> complexity I have no clue where the problem may lie.
>> I'm wondering if there is a problem with all of the ids:  I believe I 
>> have
>> connected the id's that need to be connected, and otherwise, ids are all
>> unique.  However,  one possible issue is that when defining for example, 
>> a
>> "Controllable id",  I assumed that it didn't matter if that was the same
>> as some Region id, since they are from different worlds (again,  I
>> assume).
>> (By the way,  if you copy/paste this xml into a doc, and call it "hi.xml"
>> or whatever,  you can look at it nicely in Firefox.)
>> Thanks,
>> CB

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