[ardour-users] Embed audio bug(?)

Christopher Bailey chris at music.columbia.edu
Mon Jun 4 10:36:29 PDT 2007

System:  iBook G4,  OS X 10.4.8   , Jack 0.101.3, Ardour 2.0.2

Not sure if this is a bug, or something awry with the way I'm doing 
things, but:

I start a new session, and go to add audio to the session.
I select some files, and click Embed.

sometimes it works, sometimes it blinks out and Ardour crashes.

I've tried selecting just 4, 2, and even 1 file, and seen crashes in all 
cases (but also sometimes it works).

The files themselves are in the directory above the Ardour Session 

Thanks for any advice,
C Bailey

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