[ardour-users] about monitoring

yves laisné yvln at free.fr
Sun Jun 3 15:57:42 PDT 2007

the send of the tracks for monitoring bus is taken before the pan so the 
monitoring is in mono
trying to have a stereo monitoring i took  a prefader send from the 
master as  an input for the monitor like on an analog desk  but 
unfortunately  software solo works only on the solo bus
is there another solution to get a stereo monitoring ?
with a gain control on each track the monitoring bus would be a good 
auxiliary bus
if i listen to  two tracks in  solo at the same time when using the 
general solo button i loose the selection of this two tracks
could it be possible to have a three state button for general solo
on / off keeping the selection  and a all on  when  pushing on for two 
seconds ?

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