[ardour-users] bcf2000 + ardour2.0.2 problems

John Anderson ardour at semiosix.com
Fri Jun 1 14:19:42 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 11:46 +1200, Josh Parsons wrote:
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> Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> > So fellas (Josh Parsons, John Moore Liles, Joe Hartley) each of you 
> > has some experience with the BCF2000 and ardour 2.0.2....

It works for me with 2.0-ongoing (and nothing has changed in the actual
driver since rc2) if I do the following:

- put BCF into Logic Control mode

- start ardour

- connect BCF port to ardour:mcu port (both directions) with something
like qjackctl

- turn on Control Surfaces/Mackie

If you don't like doing the port connection dance (I don't), you should
also be able to add a port definition like this to ardour.rc:

<MIDI-port tag="mcu" device="/dev/snd/midiC2D0" type="alsa/raw" mode="duplex"/>

but ardour seems to keep overwriting it with the alsa/sequencer
definition. If that's the case it's a bug.


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