[Ardour-Users] Plugins

Steven Chamberlain steven at pyro.eu.org
Sat Jul 28 04:45:12 PDT 2007

Danilo Tamburo wrote:
> Hi, i'm a new users of ardour and i don't know where find some plugins
> for Ardour2 (EQs, reverb etc.) please tell me some links where
> download they!

Are you using Linux?  Which distribution?

A lot of distros will package a lot of the plugins, for example on
Debian I just need to install 'ladspa-sdk', 'caps', 'cmt',
'swh-plugins', 'tap-plugins' and that installs a huge number of plugins
into /usr/lib/ladspa which are then found by ardour2.

If your distro doesn't have packages of LADSPA plugins, you can download
source code from their authors' websites and try to compile them yourself.


That should be enough (probably over 100) plugins to get your started :)
Steven Chamberlain
steven at pyro.eu.org

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