[ardour-users] startup: ubuntu/debian

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 00:28:42 PDT 2007


I trying to switch from debian to ubuntu, mainly because of the 1/2 year
release cycle. I'm trying to run as similar setups as possible:

ardour 2.0.3, compiled by hand
openbox installed from ubuntu
jack + qjackctl installed from ubuntu (qjackctl 0.2.21, jack 0.102.20)
kernel: 2.6.18_rt7 (own compile, mingo patched)

ardour 2.0.3, compiled by hand
openbox installed from debian
jack + qjackctl compiled by hand (qjackctl 0.2.21, jack 0.102.20)
kernel: 2.6.18_rt7 or 2.6.22_rt4 (own compile, mingo patched)

My problem is that a couple of programs (ardour and ghostess) take
quite a lot longer to load under ubuntu than under debian. For instance
loading a specific session in ardour (without the synths) takes 13
seconds, 8 the second time (cache in effect). In ubuntu the times are
20 and 17. Since the synths that ardour tries to connect aren't present
in either case I get errors about "ardour cannot connect...", and
actually it seems it's just after this point in the load process that
things differ: Under debian there are 5 sesonds between the last
connect-error message and the next message from ardour, under ubuntu
this time is 14.

So I'm hoping someone should give some ideas about what's causing this
difference, esp what could be taking 14 seconds instead of 5 in the
load process right after ardour tries to connect other clients to it's

I have a feeling it's something with network/osc, but have no idea
where to look for differences...

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