[ardour-users] New System Installation Question

Dennis Neumeier dennismail at gmx.net
Sat Jul 14 06:40:28 PDT 2007

Hello List,

I have moved and literally found a AMD 64 bit PC in my cellar ;) As I want to 
use this machine for hard disk recording (S-ATA in there), I now have to 
solve the question: Which distribution to install on the PC?

I use kubuntu on my main system, but I guess I have to make several kernel 
changes and as I am not deep into kernel things, a more simple solution would 
be better. I also know about dyne:bolic, but I didn't find any technical 
infos about that - does dyne:bolic include ardour2 and support 64 bit CPUs?

Any suggestion for the distribution I should install are very welcome!

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