[ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour

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I'm using an ada8000 and a presonus digimax lt with my 01v96v2. The presonus 
has much better preamps then the ada8000. Recordings made with the presonus 
stand better in the mix. But it has only 8 inputs and is more expensive. The 
ada8000 has 8 outputs as well.

Here is a comparation of several preamps. Only problem it is in German, but 
it also include the ada8000.


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>Subject: Re: [ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour
>Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 17:15:08 -0800
> > Actually, the ADA8000 got a really excellent review a year or two ago
> > in TapeOp. They loved the sound even in comparison to pretty much
> > everything except the top end. I cannot remember if the ADA8000 takes
> > an external clock but if it does I'd be pretty sure that TapeOp used
> > it that way, and if it doesn't then it probably gets beat on the top
> > end by devices that do.
>Do you have an idea of which TapeOp issue that was featured in? I have
>back issues of about 2 years on hand, but dont want to dig them out
>unless I have an idea of where to start :)
>I am getting a Yamaha O1v96 V2 tomorrow, and I am going to need extra
>analog inputs to work with, so being able to read that review would help
>me fairly soon.
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