[ardour-users] Configuring Sound Card for Ardour

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Thu Jan 25 10:04:17 PST 2007

I tried adding a sound module this morning to Ubuntu Dapper following  
the instructions on ALSA.org as closely as possible.

Alsa has not found the sound card - GINA 2.0 - although the driver  
(module) appeared to compile correctly. The walk through said if  
modinfo soundcore returns that I have this module I do not need to  
recompile my kernel. Is this true for Ubuntu which apparently is a  
modified kernel?

Apparently I got this done:

In a shell type these commands:

Make a directory to store the alsa source code in.

cd /usr/src
mkdir alsa
cd alsa
cp /downloads/alsa-* .

Now unzip and install the alsa-driver package

bunzip2 alsa-driver-xxx
tar -xf alsa-driver-xxx
cd alsa-driver-xxx
./configure --with-cards=gina20 --with-sequencer=yes;make;make install

Not certain about the very last line as things whizzed by me on the screen.

Definately there was some kind of snag here:

The snddevices script sets the permissions for the devices it creates  
to root. You should

chmod a+rw /dev/dsp /dev/mixer /dev/sequencer /dev/midi

Now unzip and install the alsa-lib package

cd ..
bunzip2 alsa-lib-xxx
tar -xf alsa-lib-xxx
cd alsa-lib-xxx
./configure;make;make install

Now unzip and install the alsa-utils package

cd ..
bunzip2 alsa-utils-xxx
tar -xf alsa-utils-xxx
cd alsa-utils-xxx

Now insert the modules into the kernel.

modprobe snd-gina20;modprobe snd-pcm-oss;modprobe  
snd-mixer-oss;modprobe snd-seq-oss

I don't think this happened at all. Definately ./configure;make;make  
install did not work.

Ideas? Please!

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