[ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour

Nicola Mattei foxdalailama at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 11:04:26 PST 2007

2007/1/23, John Emmas <johne53 at tiscali.co.uk>:
> > On 3-Jan-07, at 17:31 AM, Matthew Hiscock wrote:
> >
> >I moved from a M-Audio Delta 66 to an RME 9632 and immediately
> > noticed a whole world of treble that I'd been missing.
> >
> Matthew - can I ask you a quick question please?  Are you runnung Ardour
> under Mac or Linux?  The reason I ask is that I've been offered an RME 9652
> for sale (slightly different model) but I've just realised from the RME
> website that it only supplies drivers for Windows & Mac.  I just wondered
> how you got your card to run with Linux (assuming that Linux is your OS).
> Thanks,
> John

No direct experience with this card but according to alsa guys it
works under linux, too. Probably RME doesn't ship linux drivers as
they're included in alsa.
Have a look here:



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