[ardour-users] subscription push - keep ardour alive

Allan Klinbail sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 23 09:33:43 PST 2007

Hi All

Most people might already know this, however as there are some people
who may rely totally on the mailing list I thought I might send a quick
reminder. I hope I'm not out of school by posting this to the list. 

Please help Paul and the development team help us all. Ardour recently
lost it's major sponsor and needs funding to keep at least one developer
working on it full time. To help make this a reality, Paul has set up a
subscription via Paypal. It's only $10.00 a month which is pittance
compared to purchasing any of the major commercial alternatives.
Ardour's open model is far superior and is quickly gaining many

Go to www.ardour.org and join to subscribe.. 

If you need to read more, it is more eloquently put here... 




P.S Before anyone asks, I practice what I preach and have subscribed. 

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