[ardour-users] bcf map optimised for 256 faders - enjoy

Allan Klinbail sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Sat Jan 13 09:28:21 PST 2007

Hi All 

I just got a BCF2000 this week and have been working on a track. As part
of the process I have built 2 new presets, to suit my usage of Ardour
but these may be useful for other users (either to use straight off or
as a base point for creating new maps). 

These 2 presets are both based on channel 1 and utilise channels 0 -111.
This means to get additional controllers all that is needed is to copy
these presets but change the MIDI channel before saving to another
memory location. 

This means that all 32 memory locations can be used giving a total of
16*111=1776 controllers including 16*16=256 faders. 

I have set this up using the following logic (not using the same button
numbers as Behringer but hopefully this makes sense) 

8 controller numbers per preset 

Button Row 1 (above the faders) 
Same controller as fader with "off" and "0" as the 2 values. - This
permits automatable mute buttons (they only work in to silence a channel
though not bring the fader back up), as the Ardour Mute buttons cannot
be automated (with good reason).
Button Row 2  (middle row)
8 controllers per preset

Button Row 3 (top row/encoder buttons) 
8 controllers per preset

32 controllers per preset split through banks A-D
Bank A is setup with the lights in Pan mode, whereas all the others are

An alternative setup could further optimise the BCF by giving Button Row
1 different controller numbers than the faders (depending on how you
like to work) and also giving different controller values for the
encoder buttons (Row 1) in each bank. That way each preset could have
all 128 controllers assigned. However, that would allow for a maximum of
16 presets and 128 faders instead of 256, but would give the maximum of
2048 controllers. 

I don't use buttons for anything other than solo and mute and like the
option of having a recordable mute button for automation, but also
having the normal mute button for monitoring. I also have a second MIDI
controller (PCR-30) with 8 encoders,8 sliders and 11 buttons, this is
where I intend to utilise the spare controller numbers. So it is
unlikely that I will create the alternative map as suggested above.     

At this stage these are the maps for channel 1, however I will post
additional channels as I build them (the track I am finishing only has
16 channels). I have also included a gnumeric spreadsheet showing where
each controller is mapped. 

I hope these help are useful. 



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