[ardour-users] more soundcard stuff

david headon davidheadonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 3 14:25:53 PST 2007

hi all, 

i've been lurking, mostly quietly as i don't use newer ardour builds.

i need a new soundcard for my APODIO installation.
It comes 'out of the box ' with ENVY24 and HDSP installed. as well as Qamix, echomixer,Tascam usb etc.

i would almost buy the m-audio delta1010 tomorrow, ( NOT the 1010lt )
 the spec seems good, better than the LT, but how much better would the RME hdsp/multiface
setup be?
is there a member of this list who has actually compared them back to back?
i will spend the money if its that much better.
i only wanna do this once for the next few years!

hope you are all well. 
and, thanks for all the recordings i have been able to do thanks to ardour and this mailling list!!




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