[ardour-users] Saffire 26 i/o

Justin M. Streiner streiner at cluebyfour.org
Wed Feb 14 15:21:42 PST 2007

On Wed, 14 Feb 2007, david headon wrote:

> I recently bought a Focusrite saffire 26i/o -
> hoping to employ its ADAT lightpipe i/o with my RME Hammerfall card.
> What a disaster! A variety of weird crashy-things in the HDSP mixer, ( innitially hopeful, inputs show healthy levels, then, all the meters PEAK and stay flashing and doing weird crashed-gui stuff)
> when i set the QjackCTL to 0 inputs, jack ran fine ( ? )
> then, ran ardour and got recordable input to several tracks, to far so good.
> I still hadn't heard anything out of the saffire headphone out.
> i am guessing that it only runs under firewire-windows-mac( asio )

Interesting.  I've never run this particular box, but I'm hoping I don't 
have this issue with a MOTU 8pre to feed 8 tracks into the back of my 
Digiface via lightpipe.  I will be ordering one next month, and if it 
works out well, two more shortly after...  The RME A/D D/A converters look 
nice, but are a little price for what I want to do right now.

If anyone has used MOTU products like the 8pre or the 896HD under Ardour 
with an RME HDSP back-end, I'd be interested in hearing about your 
experiences with them.

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