[ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 19:39:41 PST 2007

> Windows (whatever you might think of it) has one glorious thing going for
> it - namely, the ease of installation both of hardware drivers and software.
> I'm not saying it was always like this.  It wasn't.  But for at least the
> past 5 years, installing ANYTHING under Windows has been a simple matter of
> double clicking a file called SETUP.EXE and sitting back while the whole
> thing sorts itself out.  You may or may not need a reboot at the end - but
> either way, your software or hardware will be up & running in no time WITH
> NO INTERVENTION FROM YOU (and that's the important bit).


I think my answer to this paragraph specifically can be answered by a 
post I made in a forum thread not to unlike where this thread was heading.


Post 69 describes my recent experience installing windows on a box I 
have had running linux fine for years.

But the entire thread might be a good read for some, as it details some 
of my opinions as to exactly why it seems Windows is easier to some, or 
why Mac OS runs easier for most, and overall covers a lot of points that 
have been brought up by this post.

Hope you decide to stick with it, I agree with Paul, Sampo, and the 
others that suggested next time logging onto an IRC channel with some 
people more experienced with the OS that can help you through.  In this 
case you would have needed someone more familiar with your specific 
hardware to help you diagnose this problem as you managed to find a 
somewhat more obscure problem as not to many people have linux, run an 
RME, AND have windows to update the firmware, or have a card that came 
from the factory with the new firmware.  Thus why it was a bit difficult 
to track down the problem.

If you don't decide to stick with it, sorry.  As I mention in that 
thread, linux is not nessecarily the best choice for everyone.  But with 
anyone there will always be a learning curve of learning a new OS. 
However once you get over that curve in Linux I find it MUCH easier to 
work in than windows myself.


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