[ardour-users] ardour/muse out of sync

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 07:24:23 PST 2007


On one of my projects I toyed around with some pitch shift effects on 
the one of the tracks. Suddenly ardour and muse (that obviously runs all 
the sequence stuff) were out of sync, with ardour drifting further and 
further behind. The tune is running at 99 bpm but after trial and error 
I found that setting muse to 98.02 would make the sync acceptable. My 
questions are:

1) how do I fix the problem with both programs running at 99 bpm?

2) what can in general cause such problems?

3) I suspect it's something to do with ardours automatic compensation 
for latency that went wrong. Could someone elaborate a bit (or send me 
to some online info on the subject) on how ardour handles latency in 

Thanks in advance for any replies!

peace, love & harmony

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