[ardour-users] subscription push - keep ardour alive

Allan Klinbail sonofzev at iinet.net.au
Mon Feb 5 04:56:51 PST 2007

Hi All 

It's fantastic that we've nearly made the Feb 28 target for donations
but as Paul says a large number of small repeat donations will be more
benefit than a few large one-offs. 

There are now only 26 subscribers but 153 donators. $1530.00 a month is
probably more useful than a one off $8000.00. Okay I might be annoying
people with my regular reminders, but think of subscriber based public
radio (PBS FM, RRR and 3CR in australia) or Public Television (PBS in
the US) they wouldn't survive without the constant nagging for
subscription. For those in the UK you have to pay a license just to
watch TV... surely there is more joy in using ardour. 

I know that some of the contributors have vowed to make regular annual
payments, so this message isn't to you. It does mean that we will need
an equivalent number of annual payers to keep ardour progressing, if the
current trend continues. I do pay my respects to the 153 contributors,
but more subscribers will have a bigger impact.  

We all know bills come once a month and groceries are needed more often
than that. $10 USD is 2 pints or spirits at a bar or less, it's also a
far lot less than the cost of Cubase or Pro-Tools LE for a 2 year
product before an upgrade, where you need to pay again. 

So drink less, or eat 2 minute noodles once a week just do something so
that you can subscribe. Some people (students and those on social
services payments) may not be able to afford the subscription, but it is
up to those of us that can afford it to help keep this going, hopefully
some of the students and others eeking out a living from social security
will be able to turn a buck from ardour and chip in too eventually.   

Paul has spent the last decade or more dedicating his life to ardour so
that we can have a superior recording application to those that are
commercially available. Yes, ardour is GPL so you have a choice to use
it for free and use it legally or chip in but what it also means is we
have a more dynamic app, one that we can request features, make
suggestions and have input to a tool we all use without being of Norman
Cook or Robert Linn's fame before being heard (I refer to the akai s
series and mpc series here). IT also means we have a developer supported
community and don't have to have underground mailing lists and
communities to help each other. 

Furthermore, a large subscriber base will show that we are a dedicated
community and help attract more sponsorship which hopefully will mean
that other developers can also dedicate more time and further speed the
development. This will also lead to greater hardware support and other
forms of industry support for ardour and linux as a whole to be taken
seriously as a media production platform.. (Hell, Disney would be broke
without it already so I'm not talking miracles but a close reality) 

So like Luc and 25 others of us have, pay your respects to Paul for his
dedication, pay your respects to the other developers and pay your
respects to ardour, if you didn't like it you wouldn't be on the list.
$10USD is a month is nothing in the scheme of things...... please

very sincerely 

Allan Klinbail 

P.S for those in Melbourne Australia come to ZuZushi 2 (If? records
re-union) at Horse Bazzar this Saturday night (397 Little Lonsdale
Street, in the City), and/or More Bass at ace Morning Bar 391 Sydney
Road Brunswick. I will donate any money I make (depends on numbers) to
ardour.. this is on top of my subscription... If I get more than $50.00
I will more than double it and double my subscription... These are not
benefit gigs for ardour and the organisers know nothing about my pledge
here, the money will be from what I earn as a performer, this is a
personal way of saying thanks to ardour for helping my music progress. 


On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 22:16 -0500, Luc Tanguay wrote:
> I did subscribe (10 US$/month).
> I dream music, I eat music, I met my wife making music, ....  so I 
> should thanks ardour dev team... :-)
> lucus
> Allan Klinbail a écrit :
> > Hi All
> >
> > Most people might already know this, however as there are some people
> > who may rely totally on the mailing list I thought I might send a quick
> > reminder. I hope I'm not out of school by posting this to the list. 
> >
> > Please help Paul and the development team help us all. Ardour recently
> > lost it's major sponsor and needs funding to keep at least one developer
> > working on it full time. To help make this a reality, Paul has set up a
> > subscription via Paypal. It's only $10.00 a month which is pittance
> > compared to purchasing any of the major commercial alternatives.
> > Ardour's open model is far superior and is quickly gaining many
> > fans.... 
> >
> > Go to www.ardour.org and join to subscribe.. 
> >
> > If you need to read more, it is more eloquently put here... 
> >
> > http://ardour.org/why_subscribe
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > cheers
> >
> > Allan 
> >
> > P.S Before anyone asks, I practice what I preach and have subscribed. 
> >
> >
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