[Ardour-Users] disk not able to keep up with ardour...

Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
Thu Dec 6 09:40:10 PST 2007

SATA drives should show up as a SCSI device, so hdparm may not be
much help.  I agree that 4MB/s is slow.  Im wondering if thats a typo
and should be 40MB/s even though that is also really slow for SATA.
I also have a 1010 and run a single dedicated SATA-1 drive for Ardour
and ive managed 18 track sessions at 24/96k before.  
Here's a couple of questions:
1) What flavor and version of Linux?  Fedora? core 4, 5, 6, 7, 8?
2) Are you running Ardour 2.1?   Or a previous release?
3) Are there other processes running at the same time?  System
backups?  Databases?  Apache servers?  Can you see if you're 
doing a lot of swapping?  You mentioned 2 Gig of ram, so im 
assuming swapping isnt the issue, but it never hurts to check.
4) Maybe your session has a lot of files open.  You can check
with the following:
  a) ps -ef | grep ardour  # get the PID
  b) lsof -p <pid> | wc -l   # get count of open files


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I'm having trouble with my disks keeping up with Ardour. I remembered
reading this thread a while back and I've searched through some of the other
FAQs and mailing lists, but can't seem to come to any particular conclusion.

I have a 3GHz HT Intel system (Dell) with a set of mirrored Seagate SATA

Unlike the previous discussion, though, I am having trouble just getting 3-4
minutes of 3 mono tracks to record at 44.1KHz from a Delta 1010. I've run
Bonnie to test performance (approx. 4MB/sec if I remember correctly) and I
believe it should be more than sufficient, though not optimal. I've been
focusing on the IO scheduler as a possible culprit, but none of the FAQs and
other info that I've found can seem to come to any consensus whether to use
the AS, CFQ, or Deadline schedulers. My default is the AS.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

Kevin A. Noll, KD4WOZ

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