[Ardour-Users] Struggling to do anything at all

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Thu Aug 2 09:47:08 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 17:29 +0000, John Emmas wrote:
> >> Paul Davis wrote:
> >> comments like this enrage me. the fact that YOU cannot understand
> >> how to single-step through code doesn't mean that we do not.
> >> we even put up a web page on how to use gdb to debug ardour, and
> >> anyone who knew how to use gdb in general could use that to single step
> >>
> I beg to differ Paul.  When you last emailed me about this, I visited the
> debugging page but all it refers to is how to generate logs & back traces.
> I did ask some other developers for some guidance about single-step
> debugging (because personally, I use it all the time).  But I couldn't find
> anyone who even felt the need for it - let alone who knew how to do it.
> If it's possible, please let me know how to do it - because I'm not going to
> delve into any Ardour code until I know it can be done.

The gdb page was created to encourage normal users to send us
backtraces. It is not meant as a complete manual for gdb. That is
available either via googling: gdb manual

(That search will bring this up as the first hit
http://sourceware.org/gdb/documentation/ )

Single step debugging is easy in gdb. Once you are in gdb, you just 
either "step", "next" or "continue". Each of these commands can be 
abbreviated to a single character. So s<enter> will step once. Pressing 
enter without any command will repeat the previous one.


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