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Date: Aug 2, 2007 7:22 PM
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Okay, that's a revelation...I have been using external monitoring, as I have
a HDSP9652 going into a behringer DDX3216 mixer and it seems to be more
flexible when setting up monitoring scenarios as I record.  I will give the
software monitoring a go.


On 8/2/07, Arnold Krille <arnold at arnoldarts.de> wrote:

> Am Donnerstag, 2. August 2007 schrieb Sampo Savolainen:
> > VST plugins and LADSPA plugins are equivalent from a monitoring
> > perspective. Just use software monitoring and enable running plugins
> when
> > recording. In this configuration, Ardour will monitor via software and
> the
> > plugins the track input when the track is armed for recording. If you
> want
> > to monitor the signal even when the track is not armed, switch on
> > auto-input.
> An additional advantage is that ardour then keeps aligning the recorded
> material the right way, because it knows that you hear your own instrument
> later...
> If you tell ardour that you are using hardware-monitoring, it doesn't
> compensate for any latency (because there is none), which breaks if you
> still
> use software-monitoring through other apps.
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