[ardour-users] 2.0rc1 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Apr 7 11:53:08 PDT 2007

A couple of weeks after 2.0 beta12, the Ardour team brings you 2.0rc1.
Dozens of bug fixes, a few usability improvements, even a couple of new
features (e.g. rename&delete snapshots). A DMG will be available soon.
This is first release candidate for 2.0, but it is missing last minute
tweaks, specifically up to date and complete translations. We hope to
release RC2 within the next 7-10 days which will hopefully be the final
release before 2.0. Read more below for the changelist.

 * fixed handling of events (like looping) when using varispeed (Dave
 * change window titles to follow "convention" (Tim Mayberry)
 * make zoom range rect visible (at the right times)
 * Fixed separator lines between marker "tracks". (DR)
 * Fixed track alignment with track controls. (DR)
 * Changed track controls bevel to better fit in with canvas. (DR)
 * Made selected track controls colour match selected region colour (DR)
 * Added frame to time labels to match toolbar. (DR)
 * make rec-regions insensitive to events
 * fix up diskrate dialog text
 * fix glib-induced abort caused by asymmetric lock/unlock of
       diskstream state lock
 * Removed unused 0.5 second timer. (Taybin Rutkin)
 * do not start transport on first locate if auto-play is on
 * fix up duplicate dialog
 * fix cleanup logic issues (Paul & Sampo)
 * make crop-to-range work across all selected tracks; 
 * don't edit destructive tracks with several ops
 * remove button 4/5 handling (now scroll_up/down)
 * prevent dbl-click on xfade from locking up the mouse
 * Send MMC/MTC options will stick now, and prevent the engine from 
      messing the configuration variables. (Sampo)
 * prevent cut-n-paste of port inserts from causing a crash
 *  Add a color for ghost waves (Torben Hohn)
 * fix wrong ladspa parameter defaults. The plugin fix corrects 
       a bug related to at least swh's single band parametric. (Sampo)
 * Enabled conditional FLAC importing. (Taybin)
 * Make colors for clip markers controllable by ardour.colors. Default 
       color is totally transparent. (Torben Hohn)
 * tempo redraw fix (Audun)
 * optimize away calls to Pango text width computation
 * change selection behaviour for track header context click
 * fix nasty logic error that leads to crashing bugs when trying 
     to operate on regions that have been subject to undo/redo
 * fix crashes when handling files with ":" in their paths.
 * don't let auditioning make transport buttons inaccessible
 * allow delete/rename for snapshots (Carl Hetherington)
 * modified fix from carl for region copy-moves-original-to-start bug
 * change verbose canvas cursor color to be more distinct and readable
 * make sure [N] channels count shows up for whole files in region list
 * fix #1575, a subtle and nasty bug
 * improve positioning of verbose canvas cursor for ruler drags (but
      has a wierd side effect
 * (optionally) use SSE code for 2d panners
 * add new profile object, use it to remove certain horizontal 
          elements from GUI if screen is narrow
 * make verbose canvas cursor use primary clock mode if secondary 
         clock is not visible
 * Start bus numbering in new sessions from 1 while making sure no 
         duplicate names are attempted. (Sampo)
 * fixed midi control feedback fighting (Jesse Chappell)
 * added MCU midi port to system ardour.rc (Jesse)

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