[ardour-users] Pbm with record inside ardour

. intent at netpratique.fr
Tue Sep 26 05:48:34 PDT 2006

On Sunday 24 September 2006 15:46, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:

> > > > The playhead needs to be at few millisecond after the point
> > > > 00:00:00.000.
> Can you work out how many milliseconds exactly? Plus describe your setup
> more?
I run jack with 128 buffer size, Ardour synced with jacksync with MusE and 
PureData is running too. The concerned sessions have plenty of tracks, and a 
few busses. Many plugins running as this new PC is quite powerfull. 
Theses sessions have been created with some older versions of Ardour 
(sometimes more than one year old) but everything seem OK on the other 

One thing weird, the DSP load is often wrong, it shows 2.3% whereas "top" says 
30% for the main Ardour task. 

On a fresh new session, i made a try once, the problem don't show up, so there 
are some special conditions to discover.

Abt the exact number of milliseconds, i will try to make an evaluation, i 
remember that the record won't work at "0" until a few milliseconds, so its 
not just "0".  

I have to make a test with longer jack buffers size too...

> > > Doesn't happen here with a blank bus and blank recording track
> > > (ardour0.99.3). Which plugins live in your bus? You have Windows ->
> > > Options -> Misc -> "Run plugins while recording" checked, right?
> >
> > Wolfgang, this is actually a known issue with 0.99 and 2.0. not sure of
> > the precise conditions, may require JACK sync to make it show up.
> I cannot reproduce this (track1 send pre or post fader -> to bus -> record
> to track2 works just as expected, no matter where the playhead starts out
> including zero, no matter whether internal or jack sync) so I'm probably
> not getting it.

For info, if "Run plugins while recording" is disabled it doesn't work better.

Please be patient for further observations as i am in a hurry to finish some 
projects, but i will report anything new and tell me if u want to know 
something specific. 



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