[ardour-users] jack won't function

J.L. Blom jlblom at neuroweave.nl
Wed Sep 20 01:42:26 PDT 2006

I would like some help with setting up Ardour as I am a musician and
technician as well but have no experience whatsoever with DAW's (or
Analog audio processing for that matter).
I have installed Ardour using smart and started it. Beautiful front-end
came but it doesn't do anything. Audacity works without a problem (but
that doesn't use jack). when I use qjackctl however, I see the following
creating alsa driver ... hw:0|hw:0|1024|2|48000|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|
control device hw:0
ALSA: Cannot open PCM device alsa_pcm for capture. Falling back to
playback-only mode
configuring for 48000Hz, period = 1024 frames, buffer = 2 periods
Note: audio device hw:0 doesn't support a 32bit sample format so JACK
will try a 24bit format instead
Note: audio device hw:0 doesn't support a 24bit sample format so JACK
will try a 16bit format instead
Now in my alsacontrol playback panel I see pcm and I can change the
volume but in the switch panel I only see line, CD etc. not pcm. The
capture volume is open ( I can record with audacity).
I can give input from a microphone but I don't see anything on a
channel. I think that's logical as jack apparently doesn't work
correctly but I simply doesn't know enough of the audio chain to get it
I tried to input a recorded channel (I choose a 4 channel template as I
have several channels recorded as .wav files) using edit-> import audio
-> as track but no signal was visible.
Of course I can use audacity for simple things but as I want to record
eventually my combo (4 to 7 instruments plus voice) I think Ardour is
the better choice (eventually it must be transferred to a laptop with a
digital input device).
I know this are rather stupid novice questions but maybe somebody will
take the time to answer them.
system: AMD64, linux 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5 1 GB mem, sufficient diskspace,
NVIDIA GeForce MX 4000.

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