[ardour-users] Musix 0.59, released

Marcos Guglielmetti marcospcmusica at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 06:14:54 PDT 2006

== Download ==


Thanks to the support of the Ututo Proyect, FSF, Ourproject, and to the usual 
collaborators, the Musix project has just released Musix 0.59, with more then 
650 packages upgraded, a 100% graphic startup process, new audio and video 
hardware detection, NTFS write support, samba, Amarok and much more.

== Musix GNU/Linux, release announcement ==

The Musix project is pleased to announce the new version of this 100% freedom 
software operating system for artists and general purpose users. More than 
650 packages were upgraded and many others were included, for instance the 
udev system, the awesome multimedia player Amarok, writing support for NTFS 
partitions, samba and mp3 codec for audacity.

=== System and Desktop Startup ===

The system's startup process now is totally graphic, we added a splash screen 
to avoid hi verbosity, and the (icewm+rox-filer) Desktop now starts without 
user interaction. If it fails, you can type videoconfig.sh and try another 
videocard/monitor configuration, then restart your desktop.

=== Hard disks ===

We hope Musix 0.59 could fix some detection problems related to hard disk 
detection and configuration.

=== Video ===

The new video management should work better for your hardware... now there are 
3 autodetection methods to choose from: 0) "Musix", that works using a new 
Xorg's ability, 1) the default "Knoppix" method, and 2) the Gentoo Live-CD 
method. We advice you to try the "Musix" method: it should give you the best 
possible configuration for your videocard/monitor.

=== Sound ===

The autodetection method for soundcards was changed because hotplug was 
replaced by udev. Now the soundcard autodetection is done by a modified 
alsaconf script.

=== Upgrading without reinstallation ===

Musix 0.59 should be able to upgrade an old installed version using 
the "Package Upgrader" tool from the new knoppix's installer. Nonetheless, we 
advice to use the traditional installation way, because this upgrading system 
is too experimental for now. Also, "Package Upgrader" could transform a 
Knoppix (or similar) installation to a Musix system. 

=== Summarize ===

In short: Musix 0.59 it's a necessary step towards the 1.0 stable version that 
should be ready in the first months of 2007, when Debian Etch will be stable, 
but there is a long way to go...

== Changelog 0.59  ==

== Updated packages ==

Over 650 packages were updated, for example:

kdebase-data: 3.5.4-2

libgtk2.0-bin: 2.8.18-1

rosegarden4: 1.2.3-2

jackd: 0.101.1-1

== New packages ==

* udev (is a daemon which dynamically creates and removes device nodes 
from /dev/, handles hotplug events and loads drivers at boot time.)

* Lashd (is a session management system for JACK and ALSA audio applications 
on GNU/Linux.)

* Amarok (versatile and easy to use audio player. It tries to be a little 
different, providing a simple drag and drop interface that really makes 
playlist handling easy.)

* Foobillard (is a billiards game with a three dimensional display)

* musix-freepats-extras 

* musix-bin-scripts 

* eq-xmms-musix

* musix-desktop-upgrade 

* musix-colombo-drumkit 

* musix-docs 

* musix-soundfonts

* samba 3.0.22-1 (a LanManager-like file and printer server for Unix)

* ntfs-3g (It provides full read-write access to NTFS,  excluding access to 
encrypted files, writing compressed files, changing  file ownership, access 

* timemachine-lancher from Adrian Pardini

* mp3 encoder for Audacity

* Added special graphical effects (xcompmgr) as an option

== New features in 0.59 ==

* Created ntfsmusix.sh: assistant for NTFS partition configuration.

* Modified alsaconf to work with multiple sound cards.

* /bin/videoconfig.sh and /bin/menu improved.

* New method for video detection (works only with Xorg >= a 
7.0), /bin/xorgmusix.sh

* Autostart system of applications in the desktop: ~/Desktop/Autostart

* Most of Musix own characteristics were packed in .deb files with the 
objective to update old  hard disk installations from a new Live-CD and also 
to convert or Debian/etch into Musix.

== Other changes ==

== To do ==

* Add http://directory.fsf.org/dvdrip.html
* Make splashy to take images from the last desktop (maybe with xdump)
or any screen capturer. It can be useful to make the shutdown or even the 
boot... (can't make it with xwd or ksnapshot because they're not automatic)
*Enhance alsaconf to force it to install EVERY soundcard found.
* Create a KDE application resetter: (killall dcopserver, rm ~/.ICE* ~/.DOC*) 
and place a shortcut in IceWM menu
* Disable soundcard autodetection process in old computers (use bogoimps)
* Build an adaptable system for capacity process (bogoimps) for timidity
* Package NyF and nn in .deb files
* Install Gilberto Borge's control panel (needs changes)
* Add Rosegarden 1.2.4 from RPMs?
* Find out possible RPMs to add
* Install multimedia kernel 2.6.17?
* Add a line in fstab with tmpfs for dev/shm if working with realtime kernel
* Find out solution for amsn and xterm

== Known problems in 0.59 ==

* If after installation the sound card is not correctly configured in each 
system boot, is necessary to write this command in a text console as root 

 ln -s /bin/sndconf-musix.sh /etc/rcS.d/S50snd

* After installation: if the “critical Error” warning when initiating the 
desktop for the Knoppix user bothers you, it can be disabled from:

 Musix --> Settings --> KDE Control Panel --> System Administration --> Login 
Manager --> Convenience

There, disable the '''"Enable Auto-login"''' option.

* Shaketracker 0.4.6-5+b1 doesn't start.

* AMSN does not start due to a color definition problem, which it's related 
the application mrxvt. It can be replaced by using GAIM

Marcos Guglielmetti  
* Director del desarrollo de Musix GNU+Linux, 100% Software Libre
* CD Donwload: (http://www.musix.org.ar/en/) (www.pc-musica.com.ar/musix)
* Videos, programas y otras cosas en: ftp://musix.ourproject.org/pub/musix/
* Reporte de errores a: 
*IRC: #musix channel on freenode

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