[ardour-users] Chunks. What are they?

Alex Polite notmyprivateemail at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 02:27:05 PDT 2006

On 9/3/06, Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com> wrote:
> they are not a way to group regions particularly, although they can
> serve that role in a rather crude way. they are intended to save
> selections made with the range tool. drag to select some range(s), right
> click on the selection to save what you selected as a "chunk".
> you can later paste entire chunks at the edit cursor (and some day,
> perhaps, drag-n-drop them).
> not sure of the ardour2 status - please test and let us know.

OK. I can successfully create chunks in ardour2 but I have no idea as
how to insert them at the edit cursor.


Alex Polite

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