[ardour-users] Noise Removal

Allan Wind allan_wind at lifeintegrity.com
Sun Oct 15 18:34:03 PDT 2006

Dear List,

Recently I had to clean a (phone) recording that had a very annoying
hum.  It was not a 60 Hz ground loop, and while I could isolate a band
in jamin it was way to wide to be useful.  I was wondering how you guys
go about that?  Is there a way or suitable LADSPA filter?

In this case I ended up using (with great success) Audacity's Noise
Removal feature that allows you select the noise and then remove it from
another selection (i.e. the whole recording) in a 2nd pass.  Perhaps it
does FFT on the samples and sums it up, then eliminates the frequently
occuring frequencies or something.


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