[ardour-users] 32 v 64 bit

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 19:34:00 PST 2006

>   I've just never run VSTs in the 32-bit chroot. I'm sure it will
> probably work with the right VST stuff and the right version of Wine,
> but I cannot say for sure. 

Well I haven't fully succeeded yet, but I am fairly confident it would 
work, unfortunatly I am having problems with WINE along with a few 
others thrown in... odd ones, like QJackCtl crashing every time I try to 
STOP the Jack Server, some odd problems that pop up that give me a few 
thousand xruns of .0005 seconds a piece every second, and the like. 
Very odd things that I don't think are all related and I haven't tracked 
down the source yet.  For example I was able to run jackd fine in a 
32bit chroot before, much like you are able to.

In as far as VSTs, I have at my disposal for the moment Kontakt and 
SoundSoap.  Unforunatly SoundSoap's installation doesn't complete in 
Wine and as a result I am still missing a variety of .dlls it is looking 
for so I haven't been able to test that one.  Kontakt on the other hand, 
DID finish up and I was able to run it in standalone.  I attempted to 
insert it into Ardour, even though Midi isn't supported and was able to 
insert and activate it, unfortunatly I wasn't able to edit it, it 
crashed Ardour instead.

I did however find a bug in Ardour2SVN in this set of circumstances. 
Before I found the right directory for the .dlls for VST effects, I 
would open Ardour to try to see if it was recognizing them yet or not, 
and on going to the VST tab nothing would show up.  One time I 
double-clicked out of frustration on the empty window where the plugs 
are normally listed, and it inserted the first plug from the LADSPA 
plugins(Keep in mind I had the VST tab active at that time).  Minor thing.

I also found out that symbolic links will NOT work for the VST .dlls 
Ardour could not follow the symbolic links, I had to copy the physical 
file over.

Hope its useful to someone.  Need to try Kontakt in RoseGarden sometime 
while I am waiting for Ardour to support Midi, but I don't wanna tackle 
DSSI-VST until I get my odd occurances straightened out.


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