[ardour-users] strange behaviour with automation in ardour2-beta8

eduard aylon eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 09:51:27 PST 2006


My apologisies if this has been reported before.

When using automation (from ladspa plugins) on ardour2-beta8 there  
exists some inconsistent behaviour.

1. no automation files are saved with the project.

2. opening a session with automation that was saved with an older  
version of ardour2:
	a.  when opening + saving the session with aurdour2-beta8 causes  
automation not to be restored next time you open it (either with  
beta8 or an older version)-> automation is lost
	b. or ardour2-beta8 may crash (maybe due to not being able to  
restore/read the automation files)

3. modifying automation while ardour2-beta8 is playing in loop-mode  
may cause the application to crash. Sometimes after a long while,  
some times just immediately.

4. saving a session with ardour2-beta8 with automation tracks viewed,  
then closing the session and reopen it (or opening any other session)  
without quitting ardour will cause the application to crash.This does  
not happen when automation tracks are hidden.

None of these inconsistencies can be reported when automation is for  
pan or gain, only when using automation for plugins.

I am on Mac OS 10.4.8 and intel arch.


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