[ardour-users] 32 v 64 bit

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 10:38:04 PST 2006

> I run a 32-bit chroot inside my 64-bit main environment. I haven't
> tried any VSTs in it but it works perfectly with win32codecs so I
> suspect VST support might work that way also.

Fairly certain it does actually, may be able to answer that more 
certainly in a bit, my machine is rebuilding itself at the moment, 64 
Bit for the time being, I was going to try just compiling all my audio 
software and wine with -m32 first.  My only real problem comes with the 
ALSA drivers, and specifically the ALSA-Jack driver I am not sure how 
those will work, or even if it is a good idea to mix -m32 and -m64 on 
the same machine like that.  At the time I decided to try this I had 
just wiped it though to go back to 32 Bit from 64, so I didn't have much 
but an evening to lose, if that doesn't work though I may do the CHRoot 
thing instead I have decided.


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