[ardour-users] Session question

Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
Tue Nov 14 12:49:20 PST 2006

  i have a couple questions about Ardour.  Im running 0.99.3 on Fedora (still on Core 3).  
I created a session where i recorded about 45 minutes of an impromptu jam session.  During 
the 45 minutes, there was a single 3 minute song that was really good.  The other 42 minutes 
arent worth keeping.  The session was recorded at 24/96, so its a bit large (several gig).  Is there 
a simple way of pulling a range from all the tracks into a new session?  Or am i going to have 
to go through each track individually and bounce the ranges, then import them to a new session?  
I assume that i will have to do the later, but i figured that i would ask beforehand.
  Also, another question.  I recorded 4 different mono tracks (different mics) of a single guitar 
amp.  I then brought them down to a 2 channel bus (Left/Right) by mixing them together, but 
i ultimately wanted to bounce them to a single stereo track to unload the CPU from each tracks 
EQ'ing, noise gating, etc.  What i did is i put a 'send' an the post-fader of the bus to an input 
of an empty track.  After that, i disabled (not muted) the original 4 tracks.  My question is: is 
this the usual way for bouncing or am i off in "left field" somewhere?  

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