[ardour-users] Can't make hidden tracks visible in eidt window - Finally got it!!

John Lyon john at johnlyon.tzo.com
Tue Nov 14 08:16:06 PST 2006

Hi David,

Excellent suggestion. I can see things much better now that I've reverted
to the 'classic' Ardour colours.

Thanks again!


> On 13 Nov 2006 at 18:13, John Lyon is alleged to have scribbled:
>> Thanks David,
>> You were right.
>> One problem I have with Ardour is that I have very low vision. If I set
>> the screen to a resolution where I can see better, I'm only seeing a
>> part
>> of the
>> Ardour editing window. But when I set the screen resoltion lower (making
>> things look larger), I could see the little tab for expanding the
>> 'tracks'
>> window.
>> Thanks very much!
> John, change to the 'classic' colour set.  I did this on Sunday after
> fighting that dratted dark scheme all afternoon.
> in /etc/ardour copy ardour_ui.classic over ardour_ui (names from memory,
> may be slightly different).
> much nicer on the eyes.  I then customized mine a little to increase the
> contrast between text and background on buttons.  now I can even see the
> 'drag this panel wider' buttons on the lists at left and right of the
> screen.
> customizing it is quite a job, since it seems every possible option has
> been allowed for.  this means there are at least 2 separate sets of
> colours for buttons used in different places on the screen.
> of course, a 19" LCD monitor would also be nice (-:
> I'll be carting my 17" crt to a venue tonight for some recording....
> --
> David                       http://iwr.ru.ac.za/~iwdf/
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>            PLEASE pretend you don't know me.

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