[ardour-users] Split left, right, centre?

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu May 25 01:42:55 PDT 2006

Wednesday 24 May 2006 04:14, Colin Campbell:
> I'm just beginning to muck about with Ardour, so I throw meself on the
> mercy of the court, m'luds, for any noobishnesses I utter.
> I'm trying to take a .wav of a 3-part acapella piece and isolate each of
> the parts on its' own track. I'd then be able to put the original as a
> mono track in one channel with each of the parts in the other channel of
> a stereo CD track.
> AIUI, the original consists of one channel containing Left and some
> Right, the other having Right and some Left, the overlap being a "pseudo
> channel" of the third vocal part.
> Is it possible to separate the parts as above; that is to create a track
> of pure Left, one of pure Right, and one consisting of *only* the overlap?

Import your stereo/2-channel files, right-click on them for a context menu, 
find the "Make mono region" line und see new regions show up on the 
right-hand side in the "Regions/Name" pane. Those you can drag onto new mono 


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