[ardour-users] Split left, right, centre?

Colin Campbell cpkc at shaw.ca
Tue May 23 19:14:01 PDT 2006

I'm just beginning to muck about with Ardour, so I throw meself on the 
mercy of the court, m'luds, for any noobishnesses I utter.

I'm trying to take a .wav of a 3-part acapella piece and isolate each of 
the parts on its' own track. I'd then be able to put the original as a 
mono track in one channel with each of the parts in the other channel of 
a stereo CD track.

AIUI, the original consists of one channel containing Left and some 
Right, the other having Right and some Left, the overlap being a "pseudo 
channel" of the third vocal part.

Is it possible to separate the parts as above; that is to create a track 
of pure Left, one of pure Right, and one consisting of *only* the overlap?

I had thought I could proceed thusly:

import the audio
split the stereo into two mono tracks
make a copy of the Left and invert it
make a new track from a mix of the Anti-Left and the Right, giving Pure 
do the same for the Right

At this point, I should have 2 tracks, basically pure Left and Right.

To get the Centre, I think I would have to

copy Pure Left to an inverted track
mix original Left and Anti-Pure-Left to get the right part of the centre
do the same for Right and Pure Right to get the left part of the centre
mix the two to make the final Centre channel.

This all seems rather complex, as if I were making 3 right turns when a 
single left would suffice.

Any advice, guidance, pointers to RTFM would be gratefully accepted!


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