[ardour-users] Editing interview done with two recorders.

Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
Wed May 3 13:09:03 PDT 2006

Here is another option.  You can automate the fader controls in the mixer.
What you would do is automate the fader to be up on your track when
you are talking and then down when you are not talking.  Repeat that
for the other persons responses.  Then when played together, it would
seem to toggle between you two.
What type of noise is on the track when you are not talking?  If its just
hiss or background noise, then maybe you could try a noise gate with
a higher threshold.  Im not sure if there is a noise gate plugin or not,
but if there is then it may be worth a shot.


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Hi there.

I posted about automatically aligning two recordings of the same interview.
Now that I've actually done an interview using two recorders it turns
out that the ability to align the tracks automatically isn't that big
of a deal. But it turns out there are other problems with my approach.

This it what I do:

1) Record myself on one recorder. Record the other person on a second recorder.
2) Put the recordings on two separate tracks and align them.

Whenever I speak I want to output only the audio from "my" recording.
When the other person speaks I want to output only that audio.

I think that the simplest way to do that would be to put both
recordings on separate channels on *the same track* and then mute the
other persons channel when I'm speaking and vice versa. However it
seems like it's not possible to mute/unmute channels separately. You
have to mute/unmute an entire track or an entire region.

The second best approach then would be to be able to "lock" two or
more tracks in relation to one another so that they can not be
misaligned. Splits, selects, moves and other operations should also be
applied to all tracks in the group uniformly.

Any way of accomplishing that?

Alex Polite
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