[ardour-users] exporting to CD

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Wed Mar 29 11:06:04 PST 2006

hi to the list,
i dont get this done, i read the instuction in the manual about setting 
the "pregap" markers and exporting a session to a cd, but somehow i did 
not understood something right, so it does not works.

what i am doing is:

after running session through jamin, i get one stereofile caled master.
now i  set one range marker which is positioned on the place the file starts
and one range marker which is on the position where the file ends.
opening location window and clicking on CD
now, if i right-click on the region and choose export (wav, 44,1, 16bit, 
nodither, TOC) i get a exapletrack.wav and exampletrack.wav.toc!
the same happens if i choose export to a audio file from the sesion-menu.
so, those are two, and the .toc file k3b is calling unsupported format!

i have a feeling that  i am doing sth wrong.

any suggestions?


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