[ardour-users] Maximum filesize for single tracks?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Mar 27 07:45:43 PST 2006

On 3/27/06, Christian Schumann <schumann at physik.uni-kl.de> wrote:

> I just started to test my system for a live performance we are planning
> to record, and started to record 24 tracks to see how long ardour would
> record without problems. (ardour 0.99.2)
> I didn't get any xruns, but at a bit more than 3 hours of recording
> time, I get consistent stops because of write problems on my external
> firewire harddisk. Is this some harddisk problem, or is it something I
> could fix in my ardour configuration? Is there some kind of maximum
> filesize per track trat limits the duration of recordings?

This is because Ardour's current native audio file is WAV which has a
format-limited maximum file size.  In the near future we plan to move
to a different native format that doesn't have this restriction. 
Until then, if you really need continuous long file support you might
need to use another tool like ecasound or jack_timemachine.


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