[ardour-users] Trying to build alpha2 on MacBook

Joshua Parmenter joshp at u.washington.edu
Sun Mar 26 17:10:06 PST 2006

I was using the ardour2-cvs.tar from the releases site. I imagine  
this is from last night... yes? Should I try again with a fresh  
snapshot tomorrow morning?

I do have pkg-config up and running.

Thanks Taybin and Paul,


On Mar 26, 2006, at 5:06 PM, Taybin Rutkin wrote:

> Um, no.  The problem is that release of ardour2 isn't compatible  
> with glib-2.10.  If you use glib-2.8 or the latest ardour2 CVS, it  
> should work fine.
> Taybin
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>> To: Joshua Parmenter <joshp at u.washington.edu>
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>> On Sun, 2006-03-26 at 15:31 -0800, Joshua Parmenter wrote:
>>> I seem to be stuck. I've configured my devel according to Taybin's
>>> mac_unix_devel instructions, installed DarwinPorts, and installed  
>>> all
>>> the libs described on the Ardour page. It seems like scons is dying
>>> with glib though (I have glib2-devel installed with DarwinPorts).
>>> Not sure if this will help, but here is the scons output (what seems
>>> to be relevant, showing the errors).
>> my guess (and its only a guess) is that you do not have pkg-config
>> installed (and that by corollary, taybin's instructions are  
>> missing that
>> step)
>> --p
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