[ardour-users] sync problem

Hector Centeno-Garcia h.centeno at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 26 13:35:15 PST 2006


Yesterday I was trying to sync ardour and an AKAI MPC 1000 using first 
ardour as a slave. After a few trys I didn't get ardour to respond to 
the MPC at all. Then, I switched to ardour as a master and the MPC was 
responding to ardour playing and stopping but there was no MTC sync (we 
had to manually set the location on the MPC). Also we found that when 
ardour was set to record the MPC was also set to record so it wasn't 
possible to record in ardour without erasing something in the MPC. 
According to my friend (the MPC's owner), the same MPC works perfectly 
as a master or slave (syncing both MMC and MTC) using windows and Cubase 
where you can set Cubase to record without putting the MPC in record 
mode too (so I guess the MPC is configured in the right way).

I'm using ardour 0.99.2 and I went through all the options in the sync 
and midi tabs trying different combinations but never got the MTC to be 
recognized by the MPC or ardour to respond as a slave. Also, I was 
wondering what is the purpose of the "Trace input" and "Trace output" 
buttons and the tree diamonds in front of them and labeled MTC MMC and 
MIDI Parameter Control. Are they supposed to blink when there is a sync 
signal detected? They always remain lit in red. Bellow those there is a 
list of options and I'm not sure if the one that says "MMC control" 
means "receive MMC control" as there is another one that says "send MMC 

Any help will be appreciated!



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