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Stephen West stephenwest1 at lineone.net
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Hello Thomas,

I'm starting to do some work with 5.1 mixing. I'm no expert but I've got it working for me.

I create 5 busses called 'Left', 'Centre', 'Right', etc. I cound that creating a master bus with six channels didn't work for me as the sound directed to one channel would leak into another channel and could be heard from somewhere you didn't want. Also, you can't automate the panning for six channels.

I run ac3jack (http://essej.net/ac3jack/) and connect with JACK, the 'Left' bus to the AC3Jack 'Left' channel, etc. I can then output via the optical output to my surround sound decoder. As far as I can see AC3Jack is legal in the UK but I'm not sure about elsewhere, owing to Intellectual Property laws. If you didn't want to use AC3Jack you could buy a six channel card and output to six speakers instead, connecting your busses to the relevant outputs of the card.

I create the sound effect in a track and output to the relevant bus, e.g., Left or Right, etc., or more than one bus if required.

AC3Jack will also let you create a final AC3 file so you can then add the sound output to a DVD as Dolby Digital.

I'm not sure if my way is the best way. Perhaps others have a better solution but it works for me.

I hope that helps,


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OK, #1 I have no clue about this stuff and what's involved. #2 I have a friend that is doing fairly well for himself doing sound work for movies and is somehow doing surround  mixing outside of pro-tools.

Basically he asked me if surround mixing is possible in ardour because he doesn't want to upgrade to the uber expensive protools version that allows him to do that. 

I did a bit of research and came to the conclusion that it's either theoretically possible or a feature that isn't stable yet.

So, I'm hoping someone on this list can  let me know that it is indeed possible. 

I saw that you can choose from 5 to 8 outputs in mastering and I can assume that that would work for surround but without anyway for me to test this myself I'm wondering how one would route a track to the subwoofer vs the center channel vs the front r/l vs rear r/l. 

Appologies in advance if this is all insanely stupid questions. 
Thomas G. Willis
America, still more rights than North Korea


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