[ardour-users] Freeze Function

Maluvia terakuma at imbris.net
Fri Mar 17 12:40:48 PST 2006

>My understanding of the 'freeze' function is that it will apply all
>effects and 
>automations to a track so that they dont require extra CPU time during
>This is different from disabling a track because a 'freeze' track will
>still play
>and have output.  You really only want to freeze a track when you are not
>going to make any more tweaks or modifications to it.

>It's vastly different. :)
>The freeze function will allow you to hear the freezed track, with all the

>plugins applied.
>It avoids the need to make a bounce with your FX just to save CPU.

Thanks for the clarification - that is an interesting feature.
(Since we are not using any FX, automation, etc. - the need for such a
function had not arisen.)

- Maluvia

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