[ardour-users] ardour2.0-alpha2 is released

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 09:59:13 PST 2006

> meanwhile, could we also get a little recognition for the quite public
> role that Harrison/GLW is taking on, already promoting Ardour to its
> existing and potential customers. Harrison won't be known to most of
> you, given that they sell high end mixing consoles, primarily to the
> movie/post-production industry, but its fantastic to have a company with
> this kind of reputation and products backing our work. Harrison have
> also spent real money to have destructive recording added to Ardour 2.0,
> which as a feature is almost complete. now if only we could all read the
> www.glw.com website  :) 

Your right, I hadnt heard of them much;)

Of course their website still seems to dislike my firefox browsers so 
its a bit hard to read their site unfortunatly.  Though I do think it is 
a good thing to have people like that investing money in projects like this.

On a somewhat unrelated note, Taybin or anyone else, will you be rolling 
another OSX dmg of this snapshot?  I am doing the majority of my work on 
OSX at the moment for my show and wouldnt mind testing out the alpha 
while I am working.  Once I am done with this show though I will be 
going back to my Gentoo Box at my house;)


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