[ardour-users] Setting up a gentoo box for ardour

Lars Tobias Børsting lars.tobias.borsting at ntnu.no
Sat Mar 11 14:21:29 PST 2006

"Thomas G. Willis" <tom.willis at gmail.com> writes:

> I haven't quite figured out this emerge thing yet, I guess apt has
> spoiled me.

Believe me, emerge will spoil you even more than apt... ;-)

> If anyone cares to post some how to install ardour on gentoo I'd
> appreciate it. I'm not getting this masked package deal yet.

I use a nice little script called "gimme" to ease the task of
unmasking. If you wish to emerge a package that is masked, simply unmask
it by typing "gimme <packagename>". If one or more of its dependancies
is masked as well, just do a gimme for this one as well until all
relevant packages are unmasked.

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The point of package masking is to protect you from potentially unstable
or untested releases. There are two kinds of masking; masking and hard
masking. What to do if you wish to unmask a package protected by the
~x86 keyword (regular masking), is simply to add a line for the package
to the file /etc/portage/package.keywords that looks like this:

media-sound/ardour ~x86

if you have an x86-architecture. Adapt to fit your architecture. Also,
consider this explanation: http://gentoo-wiki.com/Masked . Also, when
you're more comfortable with masking, consider introducing version
control with i.e. RCS for your config files.

Hope this helps!


Lars Tobias

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