[ardour-users] Setting up a gentoo box for ardour

Andrew Johnston andyandtaya at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 04:59:01 PST 2006

Okay in answering my own question I thought I'd post it to help anyone
else.  I looked at the package script from the gentoo portage site, and saw
that it was looking explicitly for fltk, and if it wasn't installed then it
wouldn't compile the hdspmixer and hdspconf.  So I just added it to my USE
flags and emerge went and fetched fltk first, and then whalla!
So I'm happy now, after two straight days of compiling I have a bare bones
ardour system...I will be writing up a little howto soon, so others don't
have to go through such a steep learning curve.

Keep it up ardour fans...the revolution has just begun...

Andy J =)

On 3/11/06, Andrew Johnston <andyandtaya at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have managed to get qjakcctl, and ardour compiled and working which is
> great...however it seems the latest version of alsa-tools does not have the
> hdspmixer anymore!  I really need that to control my card...the alsamixer
> doesn't have all the controls.  Any gentoo users know how i might go about
> fixing this...strangely enough I have found no log of it being removed in
> the change logs for alsa-tools.  I was considering just getting an older
> version...but my portage tree only lists the latest version =/
> Any help appreciated..
> Andy J
> On 3/11/06, Pasi Karppinen <pasi.karppinen at pp6.inet.fi> wrote:
> >
> > Andrew Johnston wrote:
> >
> > > Pasi, as I write this I have taken the steps to remove both my
> > > installs and reformat my whole drive to house gentoo....i'm even
> > > experimenting with logical partitions to house a seperate /usr and
> > > /home directories....we'll see.
> >
> > That's the way to do it! Do not give up if you face some problems!
> > Whatever problems you might encounter - I'm sure each and every one of
> > those problems can be solved.
> >
> > You can do it if you really want to do it! Good luck! And keep on asking
> > whatever questions you may have. I'm sure a lot of Gentoo audio users
> > are subscribed to this mailing list.
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