[ardour-users] Setting up a gentoo box for ardour

Pasi Karppinen pasi.karppinen at pp6.inet.fi
Fri Mar 10 14:56:44 PST 2006

Andrew Johnston wrote:

> Pasi, as I write this I have taken the steps to remove both my 
> installs and reformat my whole drive to house gentoo....i'm even 
> experimenting with logical partitions to house a seperate /usr and 
> /home directories....we'll see. 

That's the way to do it! Do not give up if you face some problems! 
Whatever problems you might encounter - I'm sure each and every one of 
those problems can be solved.

You can do it if you really want to do it! Good luck! And keep on asking 
whatever questions you may have. I'm sure a lot of Gentoo audio users 
are subscribed to this mailing list.

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