[ardour-users] Daw recommendations

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Thu Mar 9 01:54:01 PST 2006

AMD certainly and as much ram as you can eat. Don't buy a cheap 
baord...period. I have used VIA perfectly well under Linux; under 
Winedoze ...blech ! But that's the doing of those dickheads at redmond.

I currently use 3 machines; 2x AMD 64 bit Athlons running @ 32 bit, and 1x AMD 
2600+. All with ice1712 (1010 etc) based boards and all with 1.5 gig ram. 
Plenty of grunt for all occasions... plugs and all (including VST's). Don't 
go dual processor just yet, and you don't need 64 bit Linux either... too 
bleeding still.

And don't over look the importance of your distro for audio either. I use 
Gentoo; if you're really serious it's the only choice IMHO; it's a long road 
but the benefits are huge over all the others I've tried ( Mandrake 
(:o !) ,RH/CCRMA,Slack,). In the last week or so a live Gentoo was realesed 
that makes the install a total breeze. And as for portage (the gentoo 
software repository) it's simply the best tool I've seen for the job.

HTH a little,

good luck !

it's worth every minute you devote to it.


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