[ardour-users] Manipulating gain envelope on one channel of a stereo track.

Alex Polite notmyprivateemail at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 05:05:09 PDT 2006

OK. I've done my interview with two recorders. I've aligned the two
tracks and stretched one to compensate for drift. To reduce the slight
echo, and get a more intimate sound of each speaker I've run each
track through an expander to effectively mute  the track of the person
who is not speaking at the moment. I'm really amazed at who well all
of this works!

To keep the speakers perfectly aligned I've joined the two mono tracks
to one stereotrack. Having both speakers on the same track makes the
editing a lot easier. The only thing I can't figure out is how to
manipulate the gain envelope on one channel only. Every here and there
the expander trick doesn't work  and I get that dreadful echo sound
for a split second. At these places I'd like to mute one channel only.
(Also when there's a prolonged silence, both speakers will get muted
and you notice that the low background noise is missing. This however
could be fixed by putting some noise on a track of it's own.)

Is that possible or will I have to split the stereotrack back into two
separate monotracks, edit out the echos and then mix down? I could of
course do all the fine tuning before I join the tracks but that would
be a lot less convenient.


Alex Polite
http://flosspick.org - finding the right open source

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