[ardour-users] Simplest way of doing sidechain ducking.

Neil Nelson xxx at mphmedia.net
Tue Jun 13 10:38:54 PDT 2006

Alex Polite,

Although I should warn that there is some risk in using the modified
plugins at


in that I have modified Steve Harris' somewhat complex configure and
compile sequence whose details I am not familiar with, those plugins
will allow you to use them in Ardour directly without AMS. They work for
me and there are no error indications at present.


>Hi again.
>A while back I posted a question about editing interviews/discussions
>where each speaker has a separate recorder. Paul Winkler hipped me to
>the concept of sidechaining. Then Neil Nelson posted a lot stuff on
>how to actually do sidechaining with ardour and related tools.
>Beeing a total newbie to audio I have a pretty hard time following
>Neils instructions. I've installed ams, as instructed, but when I try
>to run it I get this error:

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